Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) - Edge sdn
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Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

protect and prevent malicious activities

in every working condition

OEMs need to ensure the safety and proper operation of their products. Indeed, modern machineries make extensive use of software with plenty lines of code written for PLCs, CNCs and so on. On one hand information technology is becoming more and more pervasive and, on the other hand, hackers are starting to exploit bugs which seriously endanger the operation of the whole asset.

This is the reason why, if business continuity is your customer’s goal, it is mandatory to protect and to prevent malicious activities inside and outside the network in every working condition with a predefined security level.

Edge SDN node is the primary line of defence isolating assets from the rest of the network, micro-segmenting each communication session, inspecting data to prevent threats and automate everyday working procedures ensuring the desired security level.

Edge SDN node can be deployed before one or more assets or industrial machines to create a barrier between external or internal potential threats.

Create standard security profile

tailored to your customer needs

Prepare and deliver your products with the awareness to have an adequate level of cybersecurity in every operating conditions.

Thanks to an easy and intuitive interface it is straight forward to create working profile in which a predefined level of security is guaranteed. For any profile you can decide which applications, end-points, ports and protocols are allowed and if the intrusion detection system must be active.

It is possible to create multiple profiles, specifically tailored on particular operational conditions, such as:

Manual or automatic operation

Different type of maintenance service

Remote connection

Faults and alarms

Unforeseen events that completely isolate the asset

Install Edge SDN node

Just plug the node to one port of your asset, other ports are left for customer’s network. Security profile will drive the security level of connected assets by creating a barrier between external potential threats.


Central Management Console can be installed in customer’s datacentres or deployed on cloud platforms, once Edge SDN nodes are connected to the Central Management Console the overall system is fully automated.


Operator and workers, during everyday activities, can use tablet interface to switch from one profile to another. It is easy and straightforward to change working profile, without any action or assistance by IT department.


For example, if a maintenance activity occurs just switch current profile of the machine in “maintenance” and the security level will be driven by the operation.

Make a second revenue stream

Central Management Console is the central supervision point of the entire network; you can create a second revenue stream by selling network supervision and data analysis service.


At any time, Central Management Console gives you an overview of the overall system status with details of current and past activities.

  • Current and historical working profiles and security levels
  • Status of any asset
  • Details of the exchanged traffic with active application sessions
  • Relevant threats with associated risk score
  • Node information with link and port status
  • Activity logs


White label version of Central Management Console is possible.


Differentiated from competitors by creating an offering locked up with security

Make your assets compliance with IEC 62443

Fewer service intervention thanks to a strong protection from any vulnerabilities

If a vulnerability of your asset is unveiled, it can be remedied promptly before a security patch is released

Possible creating a recurring a revenue offering Central Management Console as a service

High-value data on your customers’ network

Access to high value markets, where security, reliability are fundamental functions